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LapSQuare | Connect. Adjust. Enjoy!

For Business

You need this supportable if you work from home, desire an ergonomic set up, are a business traveler, commute on public transportation, have a keyboard holder attached to your desk, have a laptop, have a tablet or work in the car. You can't afford not to have a LapSQuare.

It's the most comfortable that you will ever be while using your devices. It's lightweight, fully adjustable, fully customizable and travels very well. It will fit in your laptop bag. And it works great on the plane, train, bus, ferry or car. Try it now. If you don't like it after 15 days, you can get your money back!***

For School

No more studying at an uncomfortable desk or at a rickety table in the library. Now you can study wherever you want. Under a tree, on a park bench, on your bed, in the SC, at the café....anywhere. It even has enough room to hold your phone too. NO more sitting your phone on a dirty floor or away from you on your desk, it can be right next to your laptop or tablet. Are you tired of your text book falling out of your lap? How about your back hurting because you have to study your textbook at a desk or table that was made for someone else? No longer do you have to adapt to the set up on campus. Purchase a LapSQuare now and you will be the most comfortable you have ever been while interacting with your devices and textbooks.

Have you ever wished you could eat food anywhere you wanted? Throw that textbook out of the way and pull out your bowl of noodles and sit it on your LapSQuare. It's the perfect companion when sitting in your favorite chair watching your favorite show online. Buy one now and your quality of life on campus will improve tremendously.

For Recreation

Whether you are a hiking enthusiast or just want to watch a movie wherever you go, the LapSQuare will help you ensure that your experience is one of comfort. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be eaten off of the LapSQuare. Tablets, wireless keyboards, laptops and mice can all be comfortably operated on your LapSQaure.

Have you ever tried to work in bed while catching up on your favorite show? Take that pillow from underneath your laptop and put it behind your head. The LapSQuare will keep your legs cool and will allow you to get more comfortable while interacting with your devices. Take a look at some of the videos on the blog to learn more about how the LapSQuare will help you enjoy working/playing on your electronic devices.